Ends on August 31, 2019


At the Munster Literature Centre, we are inaugurating a new initiative in 2019 – the production of promotional videos of Munster-resident poets with books published in the current calendar year. 

The initiative is a service we will provide for free whose aim is to supply a promotional tool to the poet for their latest book. The video would consist of an interesting visual take of the poet reading three short poems from their book (possibly in three separate locations), the book cover image and some review quotes in text if available. We are unable to pay the poets for the recording but, in addition to us publishing it on the MLC Youtube channel, the poet retains rights to distribute the video as they see fit. They may want to supply it to their publisher for distribution through their publisher’s email newsletter, they may want to have it released on their publisher’s Youtube channel and/or the poet’s own Youtube channel. As well as drawing attention to their new book, the videos could be useful in promoting the poet to reading venues and some festivals.

Videos will go into production from the beginning of October once our annual Short Story Festival is completed. In the inaugural year we will select a maximum of eight poets.  

Apply by sending us a link to your publisher’s website with your title listed and a selection of three poems in a Word or pdf document. 

If your book is being published this year after the application deadline (August 31st) and not yet listed on your publisher's website, please send us details of your publisher, the publication date, a jpg of the book's cover and three sample poems. Your application will be ineligible without all these components.

Poets selected for this initiative will need to clear the rights for the poems with their publisher and must agree to travel to Cork at their own expense  for filming.