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1. All manuscripts must be submitted via Submittable in the appropriate categories, during open reading times only. Submissions are no longer accepted by post, as Southword is now an online journal.

2. Work should be submitted in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt. There is a strict submission limit of 2 stories of 3000 words each per person.

3. If submitting poetry and prose simultaneously they will be considered by different editors at different times, so to be sure of a response please submit separately, via the appropriate Submittable category. Please note the Southword Journal is not currently considering unsolicited submissions of non-fiction or memoir.

4. When Submittable prompts you to type a 'cover letter', please include an up-to-date biographical note along with your contact details. Nb: Works of translation where the original author is still in copyright will require the bios of both the original author and the translator. On the Southword Journal contents page, the poem will be listed under the name of the original author, and the translator will be credited on the poem/story's page itself.

5. Short stories are considered between January and March 15th each year for our summer issue. From May through July, fiction writers may submit their work to the Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition, the winners of which will be published in Southword Journal. PLEASE NOTE after the close of the submission date the editors will make a selection. Submittable will notify you as to the success of your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions received, the editor may take up to 10 weeks after the submission deadline to make their decision.

6. Authors are paid €120 per story published in Southword journal. If the writer lives outside of Ireland, they will be paid by Paypal. (Information on how to set up a Paypal account: http://www.paypal.com ).

7. We would strongly recommend attaching each story as a separate document, maximum two stories. This enables you to withdraw an individual story if it is accepted elsewhere for publication. If a writer includes mulitple stories within one document, and needs to withdraw one of them, they will need to go through the submission process again to omit the relevant story. No requests for edits will be possible after the submission deadline passes.

Any questions regarding these guidelines can be sent to the administrator at info(AT)munsterlit(DOT)ie.
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