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The Frank  O’Connor International Short Story Fellowship

The Munster Literature Centre calls for applications for The Frank O’Connor International Short Story Fellowship. The fellowship  is made possible through the very generous sponsorship of Cork City Council (the  municipal government). The fellowship follows on from the Frank O’Connor  International Short Story Award and further demonstrates the commitment of the  Munster Literature Centre and Cork City Council to the international short story  community. Named for one of Cork’s most renowned writers, it acknowledges the  special place the short story form occupies in the cultural history and  contemporary practice of the city.

Benefits of  the fellowship to the successful writer

The successful fellow would benefit from the prestige of  receiving a highly competitive international literary award which will not only  allow the candidate to spend time concentrating on their own work, but also  acquiring more experience in literary mentoring and teaching writing in an  academic context. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be  inspired by living in one of Europe’s oldest cities with a well-developed  cultural infrastructure and a thriving literary community. The successful fellow  would receive a monthly stipend of €2500, totalling €7,500 and self-catering  accommodation. Economy flights between the author's country of residence and Cork will also be covered.

Duties of the  fellowship

The fellowship requires the writer to reside in Cork for  twelve weeks and find time to work on their own writing. The short story fellow  would arrive in September when they would contribute a public reading and a four-morning short story masterclass to the Cork International Short Story Festival.  During their twelve week stay they will provide  a 5-credit workshop with the creative writing department of University College Cork. Their mentoring duties will consist of devoting two hours each, per week, to two Cork writers over eight weeks (32 hours total).  They will  be welcomed into the literary social life of the city where they will have the  opportunity to network with resident established writers. They would present a  farewell public reading at the Boole Library of University College  Cork.

Criteria for  Selection

The recipient would be a writer from outside Ireland of  international standing. 

Fellowship applications are invited from writers working  in English from outside Ireland. Writers who work in another language whose work  is freely available in English translation and who are fluent in English  themselves are also welcome to apply.

The Short Story Fellow must have at least two full-length  works of fiction published, of which at least one must be a short story collection. The successful candidate will be a writer respected by peers, with  experience in the coaching or teaching of other writers either through workshops  and/or mentoring inside or outside a formal academic setting.

Submission Guidelines

Candidates  must supply through Submittable a single Word document consisting of a literary  CV, a letter explaining why they want to work in Cork, and a course outline for  a four morning short story workshop aimed at writers, some of whom might already have  periodical publication success. The workshop is to take place on four  consecutive mornings of the Cork International Short Story Festival involving  the same group each day. Shortisted authors may subsequently need to  supply copies of their books and submit to interview by Skype. 

Process of  Selection

A shortlist of up to four candidates  will be selected by the Artistic Director of the Munster Literature Centre and  subsequently assessed by a panel consisting of the Artistic Director of the  Munster Literature Centre, the head of creative writing at the School of English at University College Cork  and an Irish writer living in Cork. 

Deadline for  applications for the Autumn 2020 fellowship is February 29th 2020. The successful fellow will be  informed by the end of April. Replies to applicants will be made through submittable.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.